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Geometric Thinking


There is a whole new world of discovery waiting for us to open our eyes to new possibilities.

What if the world is not exactly what it seems?  What if simple 3rd grade geometry, circles, squares, triangles and ellipses, could lead us to a path of understanding, and trading mastery, we did not think possible?

Consider, Pythagoras REQUIRED his students to master geometry before he would accept them as students.

Freemasons, arguably the world’s most powerful secret society, has a compass and a square as their logo.  These two tools have been utilized since antiquity to draw… circles and squares.  What if the powers-that-be have been hiding their secret in plain sight?

Hard as it is to believe, circles and squares map trader psychology.

For reasons we may not ever understand completely, markets are moved to reverse, accelerate, and trade sideways at certain spots on a price chart that are identifiable in advance.  Minutes, hours, days, weeks in advance.  Whether we ever understand completely remains to be seen.  However, we have learned so very much these past few decades.

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