Trading School

We have launched a school in which Jim will hold regularly scheduled classes wherein he will teach students his well-known (but little-understood) style of trading.   As is widely known amongst the crypto trading community, Jim’s work is both highly unusual and uncommonly accurate. He has been receiving requests for lessons and guidance for years.  He has finally decided to do so.

You see, to the dismay of those who have searched, there is almost no information available on the internet that explains how to use the tools Jim is introducing to the world.  A search for Gann Square, arcs, vortex, energy points, etc,  will yield next to nothing which will lead one to become a better trader.  The information Jim is using is still largely unknown.  One day it will likely be common knowledge.  But for today, and tomorrow, Jim and his students are standing alone.  They will continue to be the only ones who know how to effectively use geometry to analyze the charts, and hence have a good idea when to buy, sell, or watch the charts extra closely.

Jim’s classes are executed via webinars and live video calls.  A video library of past webinars may be made available for students after they have attended class, for their review.

The cost to register as a student in Jim’s Trading School is reflective of the value to be gained from learning that which Jim has to teach.  The cost to enroll in the trading school is payable in bitcoin or bitcoin cash.  Students will become well-versed in all facets of geometric trading which Jim has uncovered to date.

 See here for a look at the Syllabus.

Experienced traders know that they can often make (or lose) more than the tuition cost on a single trade.  With this in mind, it becomes clear that the cost to have this education directly from one of the internet’s foremost pioneers of the art of geometric trading, is relatively insignificant (though we recognize  the sum is not trivial to those just starting out).



There is a chat channel dedicated to the students.  Students also have access to a second group’s (subscribers) chat channel as well.

Jim’s goal is to groom a network of traders who know what he knows, in addition to what they have learned along the way by themselves.  Once students have demonstrated that they understand (once they have “graduated” so to speak) they may perhaps be offered a leadership role in the organization, teaching and mentoring other students and subscribers.

Ultimately Jim hopes to foster a “group-master-mind” that will be far better than his mind working alone.  He expects such a group of traders who “get it”, working together, will be able to crush the markets in time. Speaking for ourselves, we would gladly pay that price just to get access to a group-mind like the one Jim hopes to see emerge.

Registering into this group of students is not dirt-cheap.  But we believe it will pay for itself very quickly.  Take a look at the testimonials page.  These unsolicited testimonials are from people who read Jim’s blog only.  Imagine how much more valuable the school is…

The second group, “subscribers”, have a chat group as well.  It is a paid site wherein Jim (and future graduates of the trading school) give insights to possible trading opportunities during the day, as they see them emerge.   The cost to enter this chat is quite reasonable.  About a cup of coffee each day.  A single well-timed entry or exit makes that cup of coffee seem ridiculously cheap.

We may occasionally allow subscribers to attend student classes on a per-class basis.  Also, from time to time, we may make an occasional class available to subscribers at no cost.

The cost to subscribe to the chat channel is $60/month, payable in 3 month increments.  Individual classes and webinars may be made available from time to time at prices announced at that time.

Once 30 traders are enrolled as students  and 100 as subscribers, the cost for each will be raised, as that is about as many as I want to work with initially.  When the next class’ enrollment begins, chat subscribers will be given priority in the registration queue for the school.

Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Be sure to check out Tradingview.  It is a great resource for traders.